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Course Update

  • Mindful Parenting with Caroline Hexdall- Hybrid Model coming soon!
  • Mindfulness Refreshers are back, with Paula Huffman starting on Saturday, July 9th
  • Mindfulness Teen class coming in October

The UNC Mindfulness-based Program for Stress and Pain Management offers training in meditation and mind-body awareness that will teach you how to slow down, set priorities, and stay calm, focused, and relaxed during a busy life. These practices will enhance your body’s natural adaptive healing ability and cultivate the mind’s clarity and insight.

This evidence-based program is based on Jon Kabat-Zinn’s model that teaches Mindfulness is ‘the awareness that arises from paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally.’ It enables individuals to step out of ‘automatic pilot.’ and connect and respond to daily life with increased awareness and self-control.

The class format includes instruction and practice of mindfulness skills, mind-body exercises, group dialogue, and daily home assignments. In this program, you will receive:

  • Eight weekly classes of 2 hours each
  • Recordings with guided meditations and stretching practices
  • Access extensive handouts, reading lists, home assignments, resources, etc.
  • Participants are encouraged to practice home assignments for 30-40 minutes every day and complete an initial questionnaire and a course evaluation. This challenging, life-affirming course requires a strong commitment for maximal benefit. Your instructors are committed to and skilled at creating a safe, supportive, and deeply engaging learning environment.

“What I have grown to recognize about myself is that I spend a great deal of time caring for everyone…This class…taught me about my origin and my environment and its role in how I have learned to survive and cope with life. I feel better about my existence, and it has allowed me to engage in self-care.”


Begin Again Fall Retreat: RENEW, REPLENISH, RESTORE,

with Paula Huffman, BS, RN, ERYT

In-Person Retreat at New Hope Camp & Conference Center!

With the arrival of Autumn, as we begin to experience the beauty in the changing leaves and the crisp air that signifies the end of summer, it is essential to recognize how our bodies and mood states may adjust to the season’s change. Colorful leaves and bare tree branches make the changes in our external environment obvious, but our physical and emotional response to the change in seasons is usually much more subtle. Now is a great time to use this change in seasons, this change in the Earth’s energy, to move forward and into the new. Practicing mindfulness can provide us with simple and reliable strategies to enhance our life quality both now and in the future.

Saturday, October 12, 2022, 9:30 AM- 4 PM EST

will be held at New Hope Camp and Conference Center, Covered Outdoor Pavilion, 4805 NC-86, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Fee:                $125

UNC Payroll Deduction is available to University of North Carolina Employees

Click here to register

**Please wear comfortable clothing.

**Please bring your outdoor chair.

**Please bring a bagged lunch and snacks as you prefer.

**We will be a scent-free event.


Mindfulness Refresher, via Zoom, with Paula Huffman, BS, RN, ERYT

Saturday, November 12, 2022 | 10:30-11:30 AM EST

Cost is $15 Additional Proceeds goes to the Mindfulness Scholarship Fund

Please Note: This course Is limited to those who have completed an 8-week Foundational Mindfulness Course 

Click here to register

Paula Huffman, BS, RN, ERYT

Paula has worked as a professional in Health and Education services for over 40 years. Her experience in providing wellness services to both patients and students is vast. She has taught with UNC’s Program on Integrative Medicine, Mindfulness program for 10 years.

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Twitter: @UNC Mindfulness

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