I.D. Badges & Building Access

Click here for an alphabetized list of those whose badges expire in calendar year 2013. On some badges, the expiration date is shown in the upper right corner. Please note that this list was generated on June 19, 2013 so if your name is on the list but you received a new badge already, you may disregard the list.

Photo I.D. Badge Office: 041 MacNider Hall, Level G, near Old Clinic elevator

Phone: 919-843-3787 Fax: 919-843-7879

E-mail Address: photoidbadge@med.unc.edu

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Most School of Medicine buildings are open during daylight hours, but for after-hours access and entry to restricted laboratories and other facilities, the Planning Office provides electronic door access badge cards which are programmable, allowing various levels of access to all School of Medicine buildings. You must obtain authorization from your department to be granted after-hours access.

Please refer to the Card Access Department Approval Authorization List link to the left for information about who in your department is able to grant access.


Everyone is required to fill out the Photo I.D. Badge Request Form. If you require access to DLAM animal research facilities, please also fill out the DLAM Access Form on the left. For groups of 10 or more people, please schedule your visit in advance to minimize your wait time in our service office.

If you are receiving an I.D. Badge for the first time, please click on the Photo I.D. Badge Request Form link on the left and follow these steps:

  • Fill out form completely
  • Have form signed by your department (refer to list on the left of department staff who can grant access)
  • Bring signed form and a picture I.D. to Photo I.D. Office


RESTRICTED ACCESS: Access to DLAM areas will be provided only when the form is faxed to us from DLAM (see DLAM access form on left). Access to other restricted areas (such as Irradiator Rooms and Select Agent Facilities) will also require additional authorizations.

ADDING BUILDING ACCESS: Select and fill out the form(s) for the buildings for which you need additional after-hours access and follow the same steps as above. See the forms on the left for various buildings.

LOST OR STOLEN BADGES: Please inform the Photo I.D. Badge Office immediately at 919-843-3787 or photoidbadge@med.unc.edu if your badge is lost or stolen, so we can deactivate the badge. This will prevent unauthorized use of your badge.