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Most School of Medicine staff work in buildings owned and maintained by the University. These are serviced by the UNC Facilities Services Division whose many shops and resources are available through their website,

Repairs: Contact UNC Facilities Services to place a work order at 919-962-3456, or visit their website listed above, and then click on Request Service/Campus Maintenance. As needed, the Planning Office can assist you with assessing the problem, defining a scope of work to request, and explaining the steps involved.

Cleaning: Same website as above, and then click on Request Service/Housekeeping.

Environmental Health & Safety: For guidelines, assistance with chemicals or other hazardous materials, and radiation safety, call 919-962-5507 or go to

Hospital Buildings: If you work on campus in a hospital or healthcare system building, contact the hospital’s Plant Engineering office, 984-974-0300 for general assistance or call 919-966-4484 to submit a work order.

Leased Properties: If you do not already have contact info for servicing your leased site, contact the Planning Office, as services vary by location.

Keys: If you need to borrow a key for temporary use (storage, advance planning, renovations, etc.), contact the Planning Office. We may be able to lend you a key or assist with space access. For all other building and space access, refer to ID Badges & Building Access above.