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School of Medicine (SOM) facilities annually support the activities of more than 700 students, 780 residents in 57 specialty and subspecialty programs, 3,800 faculty and staff, and $750 million in externally funded research. Most programs and people are housed in about 20 structures on the SOM campus (click on the UNC SOM Building map, left); some are located in other university buildings and in leased sites off campus. SOM faculty, staff, students and researchers will occupy 1.5 million net square feet of built space in 2014, with the addition of our newest structure, the Imaging Research Building.

Facility Services: The School of Medicine is part of the greater UNC university campus. General facility-related guidelines, services, building data and maps are available through the UNC Facilities Web site, For more detailed information about a particular SOM facility, contact the Planning Office. The SOM also abuts the UNC flagship hospital campus, supported by its own facilities services group. Call 919-966-5211 for hospital space and building information.

Maps: Click on Health Sciences Campus Map to the left to view the area of campus most commonly used by SOM. For UNC campus and local area maps, click on the Maps heading in the black banner below.

Building and Floor Plans: Contact the Planning Office for copies of architectural or engineering plans or room area measurements.

Occupancy Information: Contact the Planning Office if you need data on who occupies SOM rooms and suites. This information is maintained on a master facility database, with details of room use updated regularly by the Planning Office and by departmental space coordinators trained to utilize UNC’s “SPOTS” space management software.

Space Requests and Assignments: Contact the Planning Office to determine how to best proceed with requesting new space, whether on or off campus. Space is assigned to departments and centers within SOM, not individuals. The Planning Office develops options and recommendations to SOM executive leadership and department/center chairs for space assignments.

Leasing Space: Contact the Planning Office if your department or center is interested in acquiring, renewing or disposing of leased property. We can facilitate working with the university and UNC healthcare system offices responsible for lease management.