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Josh Niznik, PharmD, PhD
Dr. Josh Niznik

Joshua Niznik, PharmD, PhD was recently accepted into the AGING Initiative MCCs Scholars Program. This scholarly training and networking program offers emerging scholars the chance to “align their research interests and agendas with issues relevant to the health and healthcare of older adults with MCCs” (Multiple Chronic Conditions). As one of twelve MCCs Scholars, Dr. Niznik will attend an in-person workshop in Washington D.C. this spring. In addition, he will attend 6 webinars during his scholarship year.

When asked about the program, Niznik said, “Addressing healthcare issues for medically complex older adults can be very challenging. This is true for both clinical practice and research. Often, it requires a multi-modal approach. I’m certainly excited to work with this interdisciplinary group. I want to see how my own interests in polypharmacy and deprescribing intersect with other key issues relevant to older adults with multiple chronic conditions.”

While many clinicians and researchers recognize MCCs as the most common ‘chronic condition’ in older adults, research supporting this assertion is sparse. By being a part of this program, Dr. Niznik will help expand and advance research which will guide clinical practice for the care of MCCs patients. On a broader scale, the MCCs Scholars Program seeks to create a nationwide research community and mentoring network to further MCCs research.

About the AGING Initiative
Funded by the National Institute on Aging, the AGING Initiative (Advancing Geriatrics Infrastructure and Network Growth) springs from the work of HCSRN-OAICs (Health Care Systems Research Network-Older Americans Independence Centers). As a result, the AGING Initiative seeks to build on knowledge, resources, and capabilities of the HCSRN and the OAICs to develop an interdisciplinary research agenda focused on older adults with MCCs.