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Josh Niznik, PharmD, PhD
Josh Niznik, PharmD, PhD

UNC Geriatrics recognizes Joshua Niznik, PharmD, PhD (Assistant Professor, Division of Geriatrics) for his recent accomplishments. Dr. Niznik was recently appointed to the JAGS editorial board, was lead author of a COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy study, and was interviewed for an AARP article on the side effects of allergy medications.

JAGS Editorial Board

Dr. Niznik was recently appointed to the editorial board for the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society (JAGS). JAGS is the premier journal for aging research and geriatric care, supporting the high-quality, person-centered care essential to the well-being of older adults. He was previously selected for the journal’s Junior Reviewer Program (2019-2021), a competitive program for early-stage junior faculty to participate in the journal review process.

COVID-19 Hesitancy Among Healthcare Assistants

Dr. Niznik was the lead author of a study evaluating COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among frontline healthcare workers that was recently published in the Journal of Geriatric Nursing. In a national survey of healthcare assistants conducted at the time of the initial COVID-19 vaccine approvals, approximately 60% of healthcare assistants expressed hesitancy to be vaccinated. In a qualitative analysis of free text survey responses, Niznik and colleagues found that vaccine hesitancy was driven by concerns over safety and adverse effects.

The survey also found that fewer than 25% of healthcare assistants viewed their employer or government officials as trusted sources for information on COVID-19. The research team noted that targeted education to overcome vaccine hesitancy may be most effective by addressing the specific concerns of healthcare assistants and that providers and community leaders may have a role in bolstering vaccine acceptance.

AARP Interview

Dr. Niznik was also recently interviewed for an AARP article entitled “Hidden Risks of Allergy Medications.”

Congratulations to Dr. Joshua Niznik for these accomplishments and recognition!