Morrow Lab (left to right): Giorgia Boero, Ph.D.; Elizabeth Crofton, Ph.D.; Jason Gershgorn; A. Leslie Morrow, Ph.D.; Todd O’Buckley; Riana Schleicher; Irina Balan, Ph.D.; Benjamin Hughes, Ph.D


Current Research Projects

  • Neurosteroids and Ethanol Interactions
  • Mechanisms of Alcohol Addiction Pathogenesis
  • Stress, Alcohol and GABAergic Neuroactive Steroids

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Research Contributions

  • Discovered that neurosteroids mediate specific pharmacological effects of ethanol in rodents and contribute to subjective effects of ethanol in humans.
  • Found that alcohol-dependent rats are sensitized to the anticonvulsant effects of neurosteroids. Neurosteroids protect against the CNS hyperexcitability of alcohol withdrawal.
  • Discovered that chronic ethanol consumption alters GABAA receptor function, due to alterations in gene expression, receptor phosphorylation, and receptor trafficking.
  • Identified a neurosteroid marker of risk for binge alcohol consumption in cynomologus monkeys. Dexamethasone suppression of plasma deoxycorticosterone and pregnenolone predict high alcohol drinking.
  • Found that chronic ethanol consumption alters neurosteroid responses to HPA axis modulation.