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Addiction to alcohol and drugs is a private struggle. Although alcohol use disorder is the largest and most costly public health problem, there are few patient advocacy groups supporting the research effort into its causes, treatments, and cure.

The success of the Bowles Center for Alcohol Studies over the past three decades would not have been possible without the support of many generous donors and benefactors. We are grateful to the Bowles family for our building, and to many others for our research, treatment, education, and prevention programs. Better methods for treating alcohol use disorder and withdrawal are within sight, but greater resources are needed to turn the dream of a reliable cure into reality.

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Center’s faculty, staff, friends and family worked together to raise awareness at the Great Human Race in Durham, NC.

Give to Our Research, Treatment and Prevention Efforts


Our research efforts into the causes, prevention and treatment of alcohol use disorder and alcohol abuse rely upon your donations. We urge you to call or write if you would like to support our work. All donations are tax-deductible.

Members of our Center are involving our community (local, state and beyond) in campaigns to sustain and expand research and treatment programs. If you would like to help, or you know someone who wants to be involved in a mission that will benefit society and the many thousands who suffer from this curable disease, Please support our research, treatment, education and prevention efforts. Please contact:

Brooke Mansfield

Phone: (919) 966-5678