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The Bowles Center for Alcohol Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has established a strong record of training pre- and postdoctoral fellows. The BCAS is a state-funded research center in the School of Medicine that promotes and integrates alcohol research across UNC and beyond. The BCAS has held a NIAAA Alcohol Research Center P60 grant for the past 25 years, which helps to create an exceptional environment for state-of-the-art training in alcohol research. Currently, our center offers exciting opportunities to apply recent advances in neuroscience to investigate the mechanistic bases of alcohol use and consequences. Training emphasizes multidisciplinary approaches, including molecular and cellular techniques, DREADDs, electrophysiology, optogenetics, MRI functional connectivity, electrochemistry, neuroimmunology, behavioral pharmacology, and genetics to increase understanding of alcohol-related pathogenesis. In addition to research, we strongly emphasize career development, focusing on skills needed by productive independent scientists, such as training in the ethical conduct of research, competitive grant writing, and lab management. Overall, we aim to provide postdoctoral fellows with the skills to conduct rigorous, cutting-edge research on the neural basis of alcohol-associated pathology and to carry this knowledge forward into their independent careers.


Interested in postdoctoral opportunities at the Bowles Center? Check out the affiliated research mentors and their labs below and send us a cover letter and CV here.

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Participating Faculty Members:

Joyce Besheer

Charlotte Boettiger

Leon Coleman

Fulton Crews

Christian Hendershot

Melissa Herman

Clyde Hodge

Thomas Kash

Zoe McElligott

Sandra Mooney

Leslie Morrow

Scott Parnell

Donita Robinson

Gregory Scherrer

Yen-Yu Ian Shih

Susan M. Smith

Todd Thiele

Ryan Vetreno