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The spotlight belongs on UNC Anesthesiology’s March 2023 Star Heels!

: April Soward (nominated by Xinming An): “I would like to thank April for her leadership in managing the department research team. I greatly appreciate all the excellent services she and her team has provided to support my research.”

Tech: Onue Taylor (nominated by Sam Acheampong): “[Sam] went above and beyond when a gunshot wound to the chest came to OR 12.  He stayed to finish the case and declined lunch.”

CRNA: Andy Disser (nominated by Susie Martinelli): “He came into a COVID bronch with a positive attitude and stayed past his shift to help transport the patient.”

Resident: Timmy Keegan (nominated by Robb Wassermann): “When his OR finished he insisted he relieve a pre-call resident when he wasn’t a call/late resident. Then when that case finished he then came back to the front board to ask how else he could help. We had to force him to go home. Way to shine Timmy!”

Faculty: Jeff Park (nominated by Amy Bingham): “I came to assist as an extra set of hands in a critical “can’t mask ventilate, can’t intubate” situation for a code stroke. Dr. Park and Dr. Banks expertly led the team through the difficult airway algorithm and made the decision for a surgical airway at the crucial time. It was a great example of leadership and teamwork for everyone involved.”