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In May 2024, UNC Anesthesiology was thrilled to announce Associate Professor Sarah Linnstaedt, PhD, a leading chronic pain researcher within the institution and field, was named one of three 2023-2024 Yang Family Biomedical Scholars. This year marks the eighth installment of this annual UNC School of Medicine program, which is aimed at growing a community of promising, early-career tenured faculty who have made significant scholarly contributions to the field of biomedical research and received national recognition for their achievements.

Dr. Linnstaedt has built a strong record in studying mechanisms driving the development of chronic musculoskeletal pain following traumatic stress exposures. Extensive federal, private foundation/non-profit, and institutional award dollars have been invested in Linnstaedt Lab studies that lead to discoveries linked to the development of predictive risk tools to identify biomarkers of chronic pain and novel therapeutic targets for the prevention of chronic pain. Through her lab’s use of powerful, cutting-edge translational research methods, Dr. Linnstaedt’s lab is advancing the overarching goal of identifying novel therapeutic strategies that reduce the burden of chronic pain suffering across the globe.

When awardees were announced in May 2024, each 2023-2024 Yang Scholar received a generous grant to be used at his/her discretion for biomedical research projects conducted at the UNC School of Medicine. UNC Anesthesiology Vice Chair of Research Matt Mauck, MD, PhD, noted: “This award recognizes Dr. Linnstaedt’s incredible scientific contribution to the pain research community and UNC. Our entire department congratulates Dr. Linnstaedt on the receipt of this prestigious award!”

To read the detailed UNC Health / UNC School of Medicine announcement of the 2023-2024 Yang Family Biomedical Scholars, click HERE.