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March 26 to April 1st is 2024 National Anesthesia Tech Week! Each year, this day honors anesthesia techs across the U.S. who play a crucial support role in surgeries by assisting anesthesiologist case leads and through ensuring peri-operative patient safety through monitoring vital signs, including blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, and temperature.

UNC Department of Anesthesiology employs 30+ Anesthesia Techs across UNC Health’s patient care units. Medical Director of Anesthesiology Support Services and Associate Professor of Anesthesiology Sam Blacker, MD, noted of these vital members of UNC Anesthesiology’s peri-op workforce: “Let us all thank our incredible Anesthesia Technicians! Their efforts are crucial to the success of the operating room and patient safety. On a daily basis, the techs work tirelessly, often behind the scenes, to ensure an optimal environment for our patients and anesthesiology community. Their meticulous attention to detail enables the excellent patent care we provide at UNC. Please say hello and thank our techs to show your appreciation of the indispensable value they provide.  Happy Anesthesia Tech Week!”

During National Anesthesia Tech Day, the department’s Anesthesia Techs will be honored with several lunches sponsored by the clinical teams they support, and an Anesthesia Tech “Employee of the Quarter” will be announced.