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  • Pediatric Sedation Rotation: Each resident spends two weeks providing anesthesia or sedation for pediatric patients in unique settings, including the MRI, CT, Nuclear Medicine suites and minor procedure rooms. This rotation prepares you to provide anesthesia services outside the comfort of the operating room environment.
  • Adult out-of-the OR Rotation: Each resident has the opportunity to spend two weeks in OR settings outside of the main UNC campus doing cases in high volume settings that replicate a private practice experience. Residents gain experience supervising multiple anesthetizing locations with attending supervision.
  • Administrative Elective: In the CA-3 year, a resident may choose to devote an elective to an experiential study of the administrative aspects of Anesthesiology practice. Residents spend time learning the administrative framework of operating room management.
  • Transition to Practice Rotation: Each resident spends two weeks during their CA-3 year on the Transition to Practice Rotation. During this rotation, residents take on a supervising role, much like an Attending Anesthesiologist does when covering multiple OR locations with CRNAs and/or residents.