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Event Title Dear members of AOE,


It’s that time of year again!  UNC SOM will host its annual virtual mock interviews for Individualization Phase students.  As subject matter experts, this is your opportunity to help students prepare for residency interviews. This event has received incredibly positive feedback from students in the past, and we need your help to make it successful again this year.


The mock interviews will be virtual. We are conducting the virtual mock interviews between September 19, 2022, and October 21, 2022.  Here is how to sign-up and additional details about the event:

  1. Please sign-up for times using this link: Click Here.  We ask that you fill in your availability at the latest by Tuesday, August 9, 2022, but the sooner, the better.
  2. The interview blocks are each 2 hours (4 interviews).  Please sign up for as many time slots as possible so we can accommodate 180 students. MORE IS ALWAYS WELCOME AND APPRECIATED!
  3. You will be sent a detailed email the day before the interview with the student’s name, specialty choice, and CV. You will also be sent suggested interview questions to use as desired. You will have a Zoom link to connect to the student and available technical help.
  4. Each interview will run 30 minutes: 20-minutes for the interview, 3-5 minutes of in-person feedback, and then 3-5 minutes to fill out the electronic evaluation form to submit after the interview.

Thank you for supporting our students!


Evan Raff, MD, and Rebecca Matthews, MD

Dent Advisory College, UNC SOM