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The BRIC Cyclotron core makes more PET imaging probes for research studies.


The BRIC cyclotron core facility has worked hard to establish more radiotracers for PET imaging. Several new PET probes are now available for research projects. They include C-11 labeled AMT for cancer imaging, and C-11 labeled raclopride for dopamine receptor imaging.

C-11 labeled alpha-methyltryptophan (AMT), is a tryptophan metabolism PET tracer. Recently studies have shown a close link between the increased tryptophan metabolism and malignant progression and immunoresistance of primary cancer. Increased uptake of [11]C-AMT has been a hallmark for brain tumor, brain metastasis, and breast cancer.

[11]C-raclopride is a PET imaging agent to quantify D2 dopamine receptor in vivo. It is a synthetic compound of a selective antagonist on D2 dopamine recroptors. PET imaging with the Raclopride can assess the binding capacity of the D2 dopamine receptor, which can be useful for diagnosis of several dopamine related neurological diseases, or for research study on dopamine related animal models.

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New PET Probes