The Small Animal Imaging Facility recently purchased VivoQuant software from Invicro.

VevoQuant brain segmentation tool used on (18)FDG mouse scan

The SAI facility was recently received a CFAC award to acquire an image analysis software product, VivoQuant, with various image analysis capabilities. VivoQuant is a multi-modality, post processing software package that can be used for all of the imaging modalities provided in the SAI facility. Here is a sample of what VivoQuant can do:

  • Streamlined registration of images from multiple modalities
  • Manual and automated segmentation tools for drawing and rendering 3D regions of interest
  • Brain atlas tool for rapid segmentation and analysis
  • Pharmacokinetics modeling and graphical analysis models
  • Image visualization, movie making, and volume rendering for publications and presentations

This tool will greatly enhance our image analysis capability and better facilitate imaging studies. Please contact us at, for more information or analysis requests.

Froglet render