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NIH rankings were recently released and the Department of Cell Biology and Physiology has taken a commanding FIRST PLACE national ranking!

Achieving a #1 ranking in a hyper-competitive discipline is definitely a team effort.  In basketball, we focus on celebrating the players and coaching staff.  But strong programs are bolstered by the countless efforts of so many; athletic trainers, academic coaches, players’ families, sports psychologists, travel coordinators, financial & marketing staff, stadium management & staff, university leaders, the pep band & cheering squads and of course the fans!  Likewise, our CBP community is also a team effort in which every single person contributes in important ways.

So, please take a few moments to do the following:

  1. Congratulate YOURSELF, for your hard work, your engagement in excellence and your community contributions!
  2. Recognize and acknowledge the countless teammates around you, whose efforts are also contributing to our overall success.
  3. Spread the news, be proud and shout it loud: We’re Number 1!

You can see more of UNC’s basic research rankings in this article: