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by Abby Arcuri

This November, CHER members came together at two community service events. Some members shared their experiences at these events and told us how they showed up for Habitat for Humanity of Durham and Farmer Foodshare.

Thirteen CHER team members came together recently to volunteer in the Chapel Hill area. The two events they attended were the Habitat for Humanity of Durham on November 1, 2023, and the Farmer Foodshare on November 20, 2023.

Laura Florick, Angelique Jennings and Alexa Katon are all members of the CHER team who attended. And all three are on CHER’s Engagement & Wellness Team’s Service Committee that organized these events. They all told us more about the experience and how it impacted the community.

Habitat for Humanity of Durham

Five volunteers in hard hats work together to raise a large beam in a house being built.
CHER members in action, raising a beam for Habitat for Humanity of Durham.

In Durham, our team got hands-on and helped to build affordable housing. Angelique Jennings and Alexa Katon, who organized these events, said the team sawed wooden planks and installed the main support beam with a hammer drill.

With the team’s help, Jennings and Katon say the work will “benefit a future family in need of affordable housing.”

Since the lack of affordable housing is a growing problem in the Durham area, they hope it makes a real, direct impact.

Farmer Foodshare

An overhead view into a box of produce. A gloved hand holds a list of contents of the box.
Fresh produce packed by CHER members at the Farmer Foodshare.

In preparation for Thanksgiving, the CHER team also participated in a Farmer Foodshare event. Together, they helped pack fresh produce for food-insecure families in the Durham, North Carolina area.

Laura Florick is a CHER member who serves on the board of Farmer Foodshare.

She expressed that “it was special for me to be able to give back to my community while simultaneously introducing my coworkers to an organization that means a lot to me.”

Working Together

During both of these events, the team had a great time! At Habitat for Humanity, they created a fun environment with music that made it even more enjoyable.

Then, at Farmer Foodshare, CHER members got to socialize and come together for an important cause.

CHER is all about community engagement – let us know if you have a project that we might be able to support!