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Shining Light: New Systematic Review Advances the Field and Student Research Experiences

July 5, 2023

New research from CHER is shining light for researchers at every level. New research on electronic Community Resource Referral Systems (CRRSs) is a step forward for experienced researchers and recently graduated student assistants. A systematic review explores what improves or blocks CRRS implementation and connects “structural factors” to “cultural characteristics and financial incentives in the … Read more

Three Languages, One Message: Always Happy to Help: Meet Blen Biru

April 21, 2023

by Melissa Marcus Grant applications might give pause to some academics, but for Blen (rhymes with rain) Biru they’re just another day’s work. From helping with applications to mastering languages, there’s little Blen can’t tackle. We reached out to her to learn more about what she does. Tell us about your role at CHER. What’s … Read more

Making Things, Telling Stories: Meet Josephine McKelvy

April 6, 2023

by Melissa Marcus Josephine McKelvy, Ph.D., has many talents, not the least of which is her role as an Evaluation Research Scientist with Abacus. Her skills range from scrap-booking to making sure programs are sending the message and doing the work they need to do. From a birds-eye view to a ground-level perspective, Josephine has … Read more

Research Support Across Projects is Music to Our Ears: Meet Airianne Posey

March 24, 2023

by Melissa Marcus As an advanced research assistant, Airianne Posey supports a wide variety of projects in the Center for Health Equity Research (CHER). Her skills range across projects and programs, and she even knows how to carry a tune. And even this is only a fraction of what Airianne Posey can do. We reached … Read more

Linking Global and Local Public Health: Meet Stephanie Lola

January 31, 2023

by Melissa Marcus Stephanie Lola engages with healthcare on global and local scales through her graduate studies at the Gillings School of Public Health and her work at Center for Health Equity Research (CHER). Get to know Stephanie and her work. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you study. I grew up in … Read more

From Global Scales to Local Impact: Meet Ciera Thomas

November 22, 2022

by Melissa Marcus Ciera Thomas is a recent addition to the Center for Health Equity Research (CHER). Her interest in health equity on both global and local scales drove her to seek out her degree at UNC, and it brought her to CHER to gain experience with her work passion. We chatted with Ciera to … Read more