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Aperio AT2 at TPL

January 23, 2020

After scanning more than 250K slides over 10 years, the Translational Pathology Lab (TPL) has replaced its Aperio XT 120 slide scanner with the more robust, high-throughput and highly referenced  Aperio AT2.  The new Aperio instrument has a 400 slide capacity, enabling the facility to scan slides 5 times faster and dramatically reduce turn-around time! … Continued

Mouse Behavioral Phenotyping Core

July 29, 2019

The Mouse Behavioral Phenotyping Core, established by the Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities, provides testing services, training, and access to an extensive set of automated measurement systems and other resources for behavioral evaluation.  The core can carry out multifaceted testing regimens to characterize mouse models of psychiatric and neurological disorders.  Procedures are available to assess … Continued

Advanced Analytics Core

October 1, 2018

The AA Core is excited to announce single-cell Western blot service using the Protein Simple Milo! The Milo platform measures expression of multiple proteins across 1,000+ single cells in just 4-6 hours.