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These pages list our core facilities by areas of focus. These are brief profiles of the cores; to find more detailed information on each core, including location, contact information, and equipment lists, please check out the facility overview in each core facility listing in our searchable database and visit the core website. Please contact the core facility directly for more information and to discuss your project.

Animal Model Core Facilities and Resources
Animal Models Cores provide numerous state-of-the-art approaches to utilize small animals as models for human disease. Model systems include human and mouse ES cells, iPS cells, zebrafish, Xenopus, and rodents (mouse, rat). Collectively, these cores (a) assist UNC investigators with the design, generation and genotyping of new genetically modified stem cell/small animal models (b) provide advice, assistance, and services for high-quality functional phenotyping of mice and rats (specialized Cores are available to evaluate tumorigenicity, perform pharmacodynamic assessments, assess metabolism and energy balance, analyze cardiovascular function and to monitor behavior and neurological functions) (c) perform sophisticated non-invasive imaging (echocardiography, laser doppler imaging, MRI, PET, CT) and (d) provide histological services to evaluate disease-related changes at the cellular level.

Biochemistry Core Facilities and Resources
The biochemistry cores offer resources to investigators working on the molecular analysis of genes, proteins, peptides, cells and tissue. Analytical approaches include mass spectrometry, NMR spectroscopy, x-ray crystallography and bioinformatics.

Clinical and Translational Core Facilities and Resources
The clinical/translational cores offer a large number of resources to investigators working specifically on correlative sciences as part of a clinical or translational program or on evaluations that focus on the use of human tissues. These include the very large NC TraCS program that provide critical infrastructure to a large number of clinical and translational efforts at UNC to specific cores that focus on behavior, nutrition, and human movement. Finally there is a significant focus on the collection and analysis of human cells, serum and tissues.

Genomics Core Facilities and Resources
UNC provides a full spectrum of genomics based services. From multiple microarray platforms, multiple high throughput sequencing systems, real time PCR and in situ hybridization support, UNC has a highly skilled core facility that can meet most needs.

Imaging Core Facilities and Resources
The UNC Imaging Cores and Resources page introduces a number of methodologies available on Campus ranging from light and electron microscopy to flow cytometry to image analysis techniques. These methods can be used on specimens ranging from molecules to cells to whole animals, including humans.

Research Support Service Core Facilities and Resources
Cores which support the research process through consultation, computational support, access to clinical resources, and material fabrication.


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