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For all diffraction services, only crystals are required. The facility provides all the other necessary components and tools to conduct the experiments. For small molecule x-ray diffraction, we route users and crystals to the UNC CRITCL (Chemical Research Instrumentation Teaching & Core Labs) X-ray Core Laboratory (XCL). Macromolecular x-ray diffraction experiments are conducted at the same site as the crystallography facility using the following constellation of instrumentation:

General Crystallography Laboratory Use

  • The Crystallography lab is fully equipped to facilitate all manners of crystal examination, manipulation, cryo-preservation and storage.

X-Ray Diffraction Screening

  • A high flux beam port with CCD detector for rapid screening of crystals and efficient data collection.
  • Capability to perform room-temperature mounts and more standard mounts at -180 C.
  • Automation capabilities for autonomous screening of multiple crystals utilizing a Rigaku Actor robot and ALS-style pucks. Pucks are compatible with SER-CAT synchrotron beamlines (see below) and many other beamlines around the globe.

Computer Resources

  • The core facility has its own computer server that provides users with disk space to analyze their diffraction data. Contact the Director about getting an account setup.

Synchrotron Access

  • UNC is a founding member of SER-CAT (sector 22 at the Advanced Photon Source) and continues to support two shares thereof. This affords us 288 hours of synchrotron beamtime annually, split evenly over two hutches (22-ID and 22-BM). This facility coordinates usage of this beam time. Contact the Director for more information about access to beamtime.