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We specialize in synthesis of multiply modified peptides containing PTMs, unnatural amino acids, biotin, PEG spacers, and fluorescent tags.

We also specialize in histone peptides of all kinds and can provide them in quantities ranging from 0.1 mg up to ~100 mg (we formerly synthesized histone peptides for EpiCypher that no longer has them available, but we do).

In addition we can analyze histone peptides (MALDI-TOF MS and MS/MS, and/or reverse phase HPLC).

Please contact for more info and let us know what you need.

Below are some examples of the histone peptides we made in the past:

H3 1-20             ARTKQTARKSTGGKAPRKQL-K(Biot)-NH2

H3 1-20             ARTKQTARKSTGGKAPRKQL-K(5-Fam)-NH2


H3 1-20              ARTKQTARK(Me3)STGGK(Ac)APRK(Ac)QL-K(Biot)-NH2

H3 1-20              ARTKQTARKSTGGKAPRK(Me)QL-K(Biot)-NH2

H3 120-135        Biot-Peg-MPKDIQLARRIRGERA-OH

H4 1-23              Ac-SGRGK(Ac)GGK(Ac)GLGK(Ac)GGAKRHRKVLR-Peg-Biot

H4 1-23              Ac-SGR(Me2a)GKGGKGLGKGGAKRHRKVLR-K(Biot)-NH2

H4 1-23              Ac-SGR(Me2s)GKGGKGLGKGGAKRHRKVLR-K(Biot)-NH2

H4 1-23              Ac-SGR(Me)GKGGKGLGKGGAKRHRKVLR-K(Biot)-NH2

H4 1-23              Ac-pSGR(Me2a)GKGGKGLGKGGAKRHRKVLR-K(Biot)-NH2

H2A.X 132-142     Biot-Peg-GKKATQApSQEY-OH

H2A.Z 1-19         AGGK(Ac)AGK(Ac)DSGK(Ac)AKTKAVSR-Peg-Biot

H2B 1-24             PEPAK(Me)SAPAPKKGSKKAVTKAQKK-Peg-Biot