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External Users – please order via email (

Choose the type of service you require and you will be taken to the appropriate order form or contact us at with your orders or questions.

We will need the following information for your order:

  1. Sequence – please use one letter amino acid code, if you sequence contains unusual amino acids or modifications please contact us via email
  2. N-terminus – typically it is a free amine, but can be modified (e.g. acetylated)
  3. C-terminus – usually it is carboxylic acid or amide, amide is preferred for most applications, we can also synthesize C-terminal hydrazides
  4. Quantity – you can specify the synthesis scale in μmol or peptide quantity in mg, the most cost efficient synthesis scale (10 μmol) will provide ~1-5 mg of purified peptides

(for antibody production)

specialneedsSPECIAL NEEDS

(peptide libraries, MALDI MS)