The School of Medicine launched its new curriculum, Translational Education at Carolina (TEC) in August 2014.  TEC is composed of three phases: Foundation Phase (formerly Years 1 and 2), Application Phase (formerly year 3) and Individualization Phase (formerly year 4).  For more information on TEC, visit

Application Phase (formerly year 3)

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Individualization Phase (formerly year 4)

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Derm 401: Dermatology Clerkship

Derm 401 3: Dermatology Advanced Clinical Selective

Derm 401B: Dermatology Integrative Selective

Derm 402: Dermatology Research

Derm 250 (formerly 404): Career Exploration in Dermatology

APSM 408-1: Dermatology Advanced Practice Selective

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Learning Resources

Medical Student Slides:

Module 1 Module 6
Module 2 Module 7
Module 3 Module 8
Module 4 Module 9
Module 5 Module 10
Module 11 – Peds

Visual Dx

LearnDerm: Dermatology Morphology Tutorial by VisualDx

Informed: Skin Cancer Education by VisualDx

Skin Explorers