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UNC Dermatology offers a research elective, Derm 402/102: Research in Dermatology.  Please contact Dr. Rachel Blasiak to discuss availability of potential research projects prior to requesting permission to register for DERM 402. Our objective is to find the best project that fits your interests and goals.

For UNC medical students interested in summer research within the Department of Dermatology, please contact Dr. Blasiak via email ( and include your interests, goals for a project, time commitment envisioned, and updated CV. To be able to meet program deadlines such as CMSRP, the deadline for contacting Dr. Blasiak is January 15. As we attempt to streamline this process, please do not contact other faculty directly.

For students attending medical schools outside UNC, you are welcome to inquire but know that positions may be limited by project availability.

Year-long research opportunities with UNC Dermatology:

1.   Clinical trials unit research fellow with Dr. Aida Lugo-Somolinos
2.   Hidradenitis suppurativa research fellow with Dr. Chris Sayed
3.   Autoimmune research fellow with Dr. Donna Culton