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Resident Physician


Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Hobbies: Watching Ohio State beat That Team Up North, anything outdoors, National Parks, going on cruises, Marvel movies, Harry Potter, eating pizza and trying new bourbons.
Why I chose: Most importantly, the people. On my interview day, I felt extremely welcome and a strong sense of family from top to bottom throughout the whole program. The incredible part is: it only gets better once you become part of the family! The lure of living in one of the nicest parts of the country, The Triangle, was also a huge bonus.

The curriculum, with training at both UNC and WakeMed, is so valuable. It was very hard to find a program that offered strong academic medicine, as well as outstanding community/county and pediatrics experiences. You get the best of all worlds. One of my favorite things is the longitudinal nature of the curriculum – you work at all the different sites (including peds) every month you are in the ED, which is perfect for keeping up all of your skills and knowledge base. I was confident that training at UNC and WakeMed will allow me to be the best physician I can be, with the ability to pursue any branch of EM without issue.


Undergrad: The Ohio State University
Med School: The Ohio State University