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Sierra Gaffney

Hometown: High Point, NC
Undergrad: Rhodes College
Graduate School: Emory University
Med School: University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Areas of Interest: Health Policy, Admin/ Quality Improvement, Peds EM
Hobbies: Skiing, refurbishing furniture, being outside, hot yoga, hanging with my retired racing greyhound Wally
Why I chose: I wanted to move back to North Carolina for residency to be closer to family, and during a virtual pre-interview event, I fell in love with UNC. I was excited about every aspect of the program, from the Public Health opportunities and the number of women in leadership to the excellent training at both academic and community sites. I could also tell the residents and faculty genuinely liked each other and I felt like my fiancé and I would be happy living in the Triangle!

Hannah George

Hometown: Charleston, WV
Undergrad: Queens University of Charlotte
Med School: West Virginia University
Areas of Interest: Medical Education, Ultrasound
Hobbies: Baking, music, finding the best coffee spots, hiking, skiing, hanging out with family and friends
Why I chose: There are so many reasons! Although I was unable to visit in person, UNC was by far my favorite interview day. Everyone was so welcoming and personable, and I felt like I fit right in. I also loved the longitudinal exposure to both academic and community EM that UNC offers. For me, it was important to find a program that provides training at different clinical sites for a broad and well-rounded education. I also wanted a program associated with a strong medical school because I am interested in a medical education fellowship. After having lived in North Carolina during undergrad, I couldn’t wait to return! The Triangle is full of so many fun things to do, it’s hard to beat!

Joel Glotfelty

Hometown: Gibbsboro, NJ
Undergrad: East Carolina University
Med School: Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Areas of Interest: Medical Education, Social Emergency Medicine, Point of Care Ultrasound
Hobbies: Weightlifting, hanging out with my wife and dog, reading, writing, and most importantly absolutely working everyone I know in Madden, NBA 2K, and FIFA.
Why I chose: To me, UNC was the one place that did not have to sell themselves at all. You could just feel that it was a great place to be. There was an immediate vibe from the faculty and residents that made it clear that they truly enjoyed being together and working together. For a place that has such an established name, everyone was SO down to earth. It was the one place where I felt like I could have kept talking to my interviewers all day. UNC also provides such a unique opportunity to practice community medicine and academic medicine, which is the exact mesh I was looking for. Overall, this program simply stood apart and I knew in my gut it was the only place for me!

Sharon Guarino

Hometown: Buffalo, N.Y.
Undergrad: University of Pittsburgh
Med School: LECOM
Areas of Interest: Wilderness, tactical/military/disaster, EMS, social medicine.
Hobbies: Running, yoga, hiking, hanging with my dog (Boots), trying new bourbon, finding good coffee shops, enjoying live music.
Why I chose: Despite the virtual interview process, UNC quickly exceeded all expectations and undeniably gave me that “gut feeling” I was searching for. Above all, the faculty and residents I met were incredibly welcoming and genuinely enthusiastic about their program. Additionally, UNC offers exceptional mentorship and opportunities to explore my many interests within the specialty. The variety of clinical sites paired with excellent longitudinal experiences will prepare me for a successful EM career. There is no better place to start a new adventure than the triangle, with easy access to a perfect balance of mountains, ocean, and city life.

Kelli Klinc

Hometown: Wake Forest, NC
Undergrad: UNC Chapel Hill
Med School: UNC School of Medicine
Areas of Interest: Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Medical Education, Public Health, Global Health
Hobbies: Running, Hiking with my dog Luna, Kayaking, Cooking, Traveling, and Exploring coffee shops and breweries with friends and family
Why I chose: If you noticed above, I’ve been at UNC a long time. While it’s undoubtably cliché to say, the people are why I chose to stay each time. As a prior scribe in the UNC ED then later a medical student, the faculty have always been enthusiastic about teaching. They genuinely love sharing their knowledge and experiences with others. The department has also provided me ample guidance and resources to explore my areas of interest even in niche topics like pediatric public health ED research (anyone else?). If you can think of it, someone here probably knows someone to mentor you. Even more importantly, the culture is one of family. Residents, faculty, staff love hanging out post-shift. There are minor league baseball nights, post-conference canoe trips, birthday bashes, and meal trains when things get tough. We know our lives don’t stop outside of the hospital, and the people here know that too. Outside the program, the triangle is an awesome place to live (albeit I’m biased). It’s a great mix of city life with lots to do, plenty of outdoor spaces, and easy access to the beach and mountains to make the most of your free time.

Kelli Klinc Resident Bio Picture

Michael Klemme

Hometown: Spencer, IA
Undergrad: University of Iowa
Med School: University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine
Areas of Interest: Ultrasound, Global Health, Crit Care and MedEd
Hobbies: Biking, Cooking, Hiking, Pickleball, watersports, and drinking good coffee.
Why I chose: I started out my career in Family Medicine in Chicago but I knew my true purpose in medicine was EM, so I decided to make the transition after my first year. I remembered when I interviewed with UNC for EM I instantly felt the culture and camaraderie of the residents and faculty, even through zoom. I could tell there was a top notch training environment that encompassed 3 different training sites and both academic and community medicine. The dedication to education and simulation really wowed me, but ultimately the people won me over. Not to mention you couldn’t pick a nicer, more friendly setting to train in than the Triangle in North Carolina!

Farah Mechref

Hometown: Lubbock, TX
Undergrad: Texas Tech University
Med School: Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine
Areas of Interest: Global EM, Disaster Medicine, Women’s Health, Toxicology, Medical Education
Hobbies: Cycling, kayaking, cooking and hosting dinners, watching old movies and movie trivia, reading, playing with my cat Azula
Why I chose: I chose UNC because the feeling of excitement I had after my interview day could not be matched anywhere else. I remember being elated when I received my invitation to interview at UNC and being so nervous the days leading up to my interview. But that anxiousness quickly dissolved after speaking to everyone, attendings and residents alike. They were all so welcoming and genuinely enthusiastic to be meeting me that I felt quickly at ease. And it was a unique and wonderful experience of getting to be interviewed by an all woman leadership team! I loved hearing about all the diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts that the department and the institution were involved in. I also loved hearing about how all the healthcare providers are always engaged, regardless of how big of an academic center UNC is. All in all, UNC felt the most like a place I could get the best training and be surrounded by the best people while still being able to call it home.

Tess Munoz

Hometown: Walnut, CA
Undergrad: University of Richmond
Med School: Drexel University College of Medicine
Areas of Interest: EMS, Wilderness EM, Global EM, Education
Hobbies: Snowboarding, Skiing, Hiking, lounging with my dog Cheddar
Why I chose: Even though everything was done virtually, I could see from my interview and the social that the residents and faculty were a big family. UNC also offers opportunities to work in a mix of training environments including academics, community, and urban. After being in the northeast for 4 years, I loved the idea of moving back to somewhere warmer and closer to my partner’s family. Also, after visiting friends in the Triangle multiple times, I could see myself living in the area with its lively downtowns and great food scenes!

Remy Powell

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Undergrad: The Ohio State University
Med School: The Ohio State University College of Medicine
Areas of Interest: Ultrasound, Wilderness Medicine
Hobbies: Playing basketball, Climbing, Weightlifting, Frisbee Golf, Video Games, Bar Trivia, Watching OSU Football
Why I chose: UNC had everything I desired in a residency program. Amazing people, a variety of practice environments, and an awesome location. The interviewers and residents were incredibly friendly and welcoming during the interview day and have continued to demonstrate this same community since matchday. The blend of academic and community medicine was unlike any other program. I feel it will prepare me to pursue any number of careers within emergency medicine. Finally, the Triangle provides three unique cities to explore as well as the mountains, coast, and numerous other outdoors activities all within a two-hour drive.

Robby Schwartz

Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK
Undergrad: University of Oklahoma
Med School: University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
Areas of Interest: Cardiac Emergencies, Medical Education
Hobbies: Photography, Bread Baking, watching Formula 1 with my wife, and trying to keep up with our toddler!
Why I chose: It’s cliché, but I chose UNC for the people. The program’s website promised “genuine, nice, down-to-earth people,” and during the virtual social and interview day, it was clear they meant it. Everyone was so friendly and went out of their way to help. After the interview, residents and faculty flooded my inbox with follow-up information and advice on relocating with a family. I felt like we were a part of the UNC family and it wasn’t even match day yet! There are many reasons to choose UNC—the strong academic history, varied training sites, renowned faculty, and the Triangle—but most important to me was a culture founded on great people.

Ben Travers

Hometown: Juneau, AK
Undergrad: University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Med School: Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine
Areas of Interest: community medicine, EMS, wilderness medicine
Hobbies: golf, hiking, scenic photography, snowboarding, sports
Why I chose: As someone who couples matched with a significant other, it was extremely important to find a program that would set both of us up for successful careers. We could not have been happier to match at UNC! I found the residents to be incredibly welcoming and supportive of both me and my partner without ever even meeting her. Also, UNC is fairly unique among residency programs in that residents split time between academic and community emergency medicine. This lets us get even more hands-on experience in a community setting.

Laura Westneat

Hometown: Lexington, KY
Undergrad: Carleton College in Northfield, MN
Med School: University of Kentucky College of Medicine
Areas of Interest: Global Health, EMS, Wilderness Medicine
Hobbies: Playing with my two dogs and cat, hiking, camping, scuba diving, and participating in races that I haven’t trained for
Why I chose: I was initially drawn to UNC because of the amazing exposure you get by training at both a community and academic hospital. I also loved the location between the mountains and the beach. Ultimately, it was the people I met on my away rotation that truly convinced me that this was the right place for me. From being invited to hang out with the residents in Raleigh after my first shift, to grabbing coffee with Dr. Binz, it was evident that the residents and faculty are invested in each other and are happy both inside and outside the hospital.