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The Residents of UNC Emerg Med

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From my very first shift in the ED at UNC as an away rotator, I knew it was the place for me. I was looking for a residency program with genuine people, who truly enjoyed being together in both professional and social settings, and it was clear that UNC embodied that. Every resident I met seemed so happy and well-rounded. Additionally, the faculty at UNC are renowned, yet down-to-earth and accessible. I knew that I would have great mentors to enrich my career in both a clinical and academic setting. The residency program at UNC provides an extremely supportive and dynamic environment in which to learn, and I love the strong female presence within the residency’s leadership. Working at WakeMed is also such an amazing opportunity and learning experience. They have a state-of-the-art simulation center, super busy ER, and outstanding faculty. Plus, North Carolina is a pretty awesome state to live in. Beaches and mountains… what more could you want!"
-Dr. Joy Hallmark, Class of 2022

Why would a guy who has been out in California for 15 years suddenly decide to switch coasts? Every interview I went on asked me that question. I heard about UNC because of their academics and reputation, but wanted to stay for the people and the ‘feel’. Every program boasts ‘wellness’ and ’together-ness’, but none of them felt anything like how UNC made me feel on interview day. The residents were open and welcoming, but not in a weird fake interview way. The faculty were laid back, honest and easy to approach, yet were serious about training the next leaders in Emergency Medicine. The admin staff is second to none in communication and keeping you in the know. In addition to all of that, I was enticed by the lack of “graduated responsibility” that is so common in other programs – UNC lets you see all patients on day 1 (especially at WakeMed), and is there for you when you need them for backup. I can’t say enough good things about UNC, which goes so far beyond “good training” (the names in the EM department speak for themselves). My wife and I wanted our residency to feel like a second home – we are truly excited to be at UNC!"
-Dr. Ethan Gerdts, Class of 2023

Although I have not been in residency long, the UNC faculty are what have stood out to me the most. Of course they are knowledgeable and good teachers, but each one has been extremely approachable. I feel very comfortable asking any question, no matter how trivial I believe it is.”"
-Dr. William Salaun, Class of 2024

The people are for sure the best part. not only are they some of the most competitive and brilliant EM residents and faculty, but they’re always willing to go have fun after a shift! I love that I look forward to going to work everyday and get to spend way more time in the ER than in off service rotations. Also, who doesn’t want to live in NC?! It’s absolutely beautiful."
-Dr. Emily Zakhary, Class of 2024