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The Residents of UNC Emerg Med

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Read what each resident has to say about “Why UNC” on the individual class pages!

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Although I have not been in residency long, the UNC faculty are what have stood out to me the most. Of course they are knowledgeable and good teachers, but each one has been extremely approachable. I feel very comfortable asking any question, no matter how trivial I believe it is.”"
-Dr. William Salaun, Class of 2024

The people are for sure the best part. not only are they some of the most competitive and brilliant EM residents and faculty, but they’re always willing to go have fun after a shift! I love that I look forward to going to work everyday and get to spend way more time in the ER than in off service rotations. Also, who doesn’t want to live in NC?! It’s absolutely beautiful."
-Dr. Emily Zakhary, Class of 2024

To me, UNC was the one place that did not have to sell themselves at all. You could just feel that it was a great place to be. There was an immediate vibe from the faculty and residents that made it clear that they truly enjoyed being together and working together. For a place that has such an established name, everyone was SO down to earth. It was the one place where I felt like I could have kept talking to my interviewers all day. UNC also provides such a unique opportunity to practice community medicine and academic medicine, which is the exact mesh I was looking for. Overall, this program simply stood apart and I knew in my gut it was the only place for me!"
-Dr. Joel Glotfelty, Class of 2025

I was initially drawn to UNC because of the amazing exposure you get by training at both a community and academic hospital. I also loved the location between the mountains and the beach. Ultimately, it was the people I met on my away rotation that truly convinced me that this was the right place for me. From being invited to hang out with the residents in Raleigh after my first shift, to grabbing coffee with Dr. Binz, it was evident that the residents and faculty are invested in each other and are happy both inside and outside the hospital."
-Dr. Laura Westneat, Class of 2025

There are too many reasons to list here, but ultimately the genuine and kind people who create a great culture in the department. The location is incredible and has something for everyone, reminding me of my home state in its proximity to both mountains and beaches. The combination of world-class educators, strong female leadership, and diverse training environment exposure (plus longitudinal peds) will allow me to be an expert at adapting my own practice to the population, institution, and resources anywhere I land!"
-Dr. Margaret Driscoll, Class of 2026

UNC represents an extraordinary opportunity to prepare for a future in Emergency Medicine across a continuum of training settings to develop clinical excellence. After cold emailing the program with the news I was selected for Navy-funded civilian training, Dr. Binz immediately jumped onto my recruitment. Goodness, was I impressed! She made it her mission to make us feel welcome and ensure the program fits my family and me. In addition, the fact that she went out of her way to arrange multiple clinical work leads for my wife Kirsten, a Primary Care Pediatrician, represents the depth of commitment the program has for its residents and our well-being. I am grateful for this opportunity to serve the community and look forward to all the Triangle has to offer."
-Dr. Michael Wilinski, Class of 2026