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The best way to see our residency first hand is to do an acting internship (AI) with us. This will give you an opportunity to work closely with residents from all three years of training as well as various faculty members. During this month long rotation, you will work on both our Family Medicine Inpatient Service (FMIS) and our Family Centered Perinatal Care Service (FCPC). You will also have an opportunity to spend a few half days in our outpatient clinic and attend our Wednesday morning conference series with our resident physicians.

About the Internship

On the FMIS you will be an integral part of a team of resident and attending physicians who provide the care for adult and pediatric patients. You will have primary responsibility for the care of your assigned patients throughout their hospital stay. On our FCPC service you will be exposed to family centered maternity care and work with residents, attendings, and our nurse midwife. There will be overnight call on both services.

Over the course of the month you will have ample opportunity to inquire about rotation specifics and life in the residency. Working closely with the residents will give you a sense of the groups’ personality and allows you to assess for yourself the all-important subjective fit this program has for you. The best time to do this rotation is in the first six months of the fourth year or the last six months of the third year. If you know before your rotation that would like to interview with our residency program and come during interview season (October – January), we are happy to work to accommodate that request during your month.

Application Process

Our Acting Internship has been growing in popularity and thus the application process can be competitive. We invite all students who are committed to a career in Family Medicine and who are still deciding if Family Medicine is right for them. We can accommodate up to four students each month/block and UNC students are given first priority. UNC students apply and are scheduled through the Office of Student Affairs. Applications from students external to UNC School of Medicine must be received through the VSLO system.  Students who are not eligible to use the VSLO system can submit their transcript, CV, and documentation of passage of Step 1 or COMLEX directly to the office of student affairs. Our department will review all of the applications and supporting documents. Ultimate approval by the director of the Family Medicine acting internship (or designee) must occur before a rotation can be scheduled. You will receive an email after we have reviewed your application materials.


If you have any questions please contact the Office of Student Affairs at 919-962-8335 or . Visiting students can also visit the School of Medicine Office of Student Affairs Page to find answers to many questions. We look forward to working with you in the near future.