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Epic@UNC core team member Candace Kelly shares how her grandchildren helped motivate her to get healthy with the Healthy Heels Weight Loss Program.

“I have tried just about everything,” says Candace Kelly, Epic@UNC core team member, when talking about her desire to lose weight and improve her health. She participates in the Healthy Heels Weight Loss Program (HHWLP), a comprehensive group-based initiative for UNC Health Care employees.

Candy wants to pursue a healthier lifestyle so that she can stay active with her four grandchildren. She appreciates the group lessons and focus on “self-confidence and encouragement.” In the past, she felt discouraged if she veered from a program or plan, but HHWLP provides the support to keep her coming back. She recommends that any eligible employee looking to making changes towards a healthier lifestyle “just try it! It works!”

Program manager Laurel Sisler explains, “HHWLP is unique in that it offers in-person group support for weight loss where UNCH employees work. Our facilitators emphasize the value of small but sustained changes to diet, level of activity, sleep and stress management.”

To enroll, please call 984-974-6519. Please direct any further questions to Stephanie Wilhoit-Reeves.