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Wes Crouse Samir Kelada and Will ValdarDrs. Wesley Crouse, Samir Kelada and Will Valdar (UNC Department of Genetics) published the manuscript “Inferring the Allelic Series at QTL in Multiparental Populations” in the October 20, 2020 edition of the journal GENETICS.  This paper will be featured as an issue highlight in the December 2020 edition of the journal.  The article follows:  Multiparent populations are experimental populations generated by breeding together a genetically diverse set of inbred founder strains to produce individuals whose genomes are random mosaics of the founder haplotypes. In such populations, quantitative trait loci are typically detected by associating traits with variation in local haplotype state. This technique is powerful for QTL discovery but at present falls short of determining the allelic series, the assignment of haplotypes to underlying functional alleles. Crouse, Kelada, and Valdar describe a statistical method based on the coalescent to infer the allelic series, demonstrating its performance by simulation and its use on several real data examples in mice and drosophila.