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Sarah Cates
Sarah Cates

We are saddened to relay that Sarah Cates, 51, died peacefully in her sleep in her childhood home in Oak Ridge, TN on May 20, 2022.

Sarah worked in and contributed to the Systems Genetics Core Facility at UNC from 2012 until she had to go on to disability in 2017 due to neuro-sarcoidosis.  Sarah was very talented at detailed data collection and analysis, as well as being interested in the WHY behind everything.

Sarah had many beautiful traits and talents, which included a wry wit, a love of music of all kinds, gifted artistic and vocal ability, cooking talents seldom rivaled, curiosity about any subject, and a magical way about her that made people who came into her presence feel happier about themselves.

Sarah is survived by her parents, Michael and Linda Cates of Oak Ridge, her brother Joshua Cates, his wife Lara and their children Anika and Henry, all of Salt Lake City, Utah. Sarah left behind countless friends and other family members who have been touched by her wonderful spirit.