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Jeremy Purvis UNC GeneticsDr. Jeremy Purvis (Associate Professor, Department of Genetics) was awarded Boost funding from the UNC School of Medicine (SOM) Dean’s Office for his project “Modeling and Targeting the Cell Cycle for Breast Cancer”.


The work outlined in this proposal will use the human cell cycle as the organizing paradigm for understanding the progression and treatment of ER+/HER2- metastatic breast cancers.

The Department of Genetics has also committed to provide funds to this endeavor to enable Dr. Purvis to explore this novel research.


The SOM Boost Funds are designed to boost the chances of funding for an NIH grant (or similar) that has been reviewed favorable but needs additional revisions and preliminary data in order to be funded on resubmission. Upcoming due dates for fiscal year 2023 are October 3, 2022 and April 24, 2023. More information on Boost Funds can be found here.