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Jackie Brinkman
Jackie Brinkman, BS

A new supplement to the NIGMS R35 grant  “Mechanisms of SWI/SNF complex assembly and function”  (Dr. Jesse Raab, PI) has been awarded to Jackie Brinkman, BS.

Jesse Raab
Jesse Raab,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Genetics

This supplement will enrich Jackie’s research and training goals by allowing her additional time to develop a new thesis project after changing labs. Specifically,  this supplement will provide support for increased focus on bioinformatics. In the research portion of her additional training, she will learn how to integrate functional genomics data, such as RNA-seq, ATAC-seq, and CUT&RUN-seq to understand how chromatin regulation impacts chromatin state and cell fate. In addition, Jackie will receive mentorship towards becoming an effective scientific communicator, mentor, and developing a professional network that will support her long-term career goals. As a first-generation college student, she did not have the opportunity to refine her career interests and mentor relationships prior to her research experience. Dr. Raab is enthusiastic about her recent decision to join the lab, and believes that his lab can provide a supportive and effective training environment for her to complete a successful PhD.