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Jeremy Wang

A collaboration among Carolina clinicians and researchers is leading the way in how we think about tracking viral variants.

This story from The Well features UNC School of Medicine faculty Jeremy Wang, PhD, Melissa Miller, PhD, and Shawn Hawken, PhD, MPH.


New variants of the virus that causes COVID-19 continue to emerge. To make decisions that improve public health outcomes, policymakers, health officials and epidemiologists need to know how quickly and easily these variants spread and whether or not they’re able to break through vaccines.

But where do these data come from? And who can provide the most immediate information to health officials?

With support from the UNC COVID-19 Research Accelerator Fund, Jeremy Wang, assistant professor of genetics in the UNC School of Medicine, and his team are identifying and tracking the variants emerging in our state and sharing their findings with the public from right here at Carolina.

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