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The University recognizes and expresses appreciation for the long term service of faculty and staff across the University.

The awards recognize employees at five-year intervals.

The UNC Department of Genetics is proud to announce the following employees both faculty and staff with their State Service Awards.  Many of them have served most if not all of their years with Genetics and we are grateful for their dedication.  Please join the Department in recognizing these employees for their service.

2020 Department of Genetics Service Awards

Name YOS
Jacob Day 5
Shenghui  He 5
Jason Louis Stein 5
Yuliya  Pylayeva-Gupta 5
Matthew Blanchard 10
Ann Katherine M. Foreman 10
Justin  Garner 10
Jason  Whitmire 10
Jason Lynn Bolen 10
Terrence S. Furey 10
Dominic J. Ciavatta 15
Dilayehu  Mekisso 15
Mark Heise 20
Hemant Kelkar 20
Terry Magnuson 20
Charles Perou 20
Beverly  Koller 30


2021 Department of Genetics Service Awards

Name YOS
Paul A. Cotney 5
Stephanie DeYoung 5
Martilias Stephen Farrell 5
Mary Katherine Garbarini 5
Paola Giusti 5
Jennifer Goldstein 5
Christopher  Gregory 5
Haitao Guo 5
Pablo Hock 5
Colton Linnertz 5
Ichiro Misumi 5
Weipeng Mu 5
Jesse Raab 5
Keriayn N. Smith 5
Kenneth A. Walsh 5
Alicia T. Brandt 10
Jin P. Szatkiewicz 10
Shawn Ahmed 20
Timothy Bell 20
Amy Perou 20
Sharon Taft-Benz 20
Fernando Pardo-Manuel de Villena 20
Clemencio M. Salvador 15
John Snouwaert 15
Mytrang S. Nguyen 25