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Yuchao Jiang, PhD

Dr. Yuchao Jiang (Assistant Professor of Biostatistics and Genetics) was awarded an R35 grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) for his project titled “Statistical Methods for Bulk-Tissue and Single-Cell Multi-Omics Integration”.  The program will focus on the following interconnected objectives: (i) bulk omics deconvolution aided by single-cell sequencing, followed by association testing with clinical variables; (ii) joint modeling of bulk genomic sequencing and single-cell transcriptomic sequencing data to simultaneously infer DNA and RNA variation at the single-cell level; and (iii) multi-modal alignment of single-cell omics data.  The long-term vision is to introduce problems arising from new biomedical data to the statistics community and to provide data-driven statistical methods and open-source tools to biomedical researchers for better data analysis and experimental design.