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Five students, who represent three health care disciplines, have received the 2017 Student Research Ambassador Award.

Five PhD students from the UNC School of Medicine Department of Allied Health Sciences (DAHS) have received the 2017 Student Research Ambassador Award, awarded by the DAHS Office of Research. This prestigious travel award recognizes students who showcase outstanding research in the larger academic and professional community.

This year’s recipients include:

  • Kody Campbell (Human Movement Science) “Peak Resultant Linear Acceleration Agreement between Common Head Impact Sensor Devices”
  • Michael Clark (Human Movement Science) “Reliability of the Head Impact Exposure Estimate in Former Professional Football Athletes”
  • Jody Feld (Human Movement Science) “Visual scanning behavior during attention-demanding tasks while walking in healthy young adults”
  • Marziye Eshghi (Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences) “Convert Acoustic of Alveolar-Velar Stop Contrasts in the Speech of Two-Year-Old Children with and  without Repaired Cleft Palate”
  • Kathryn Williams (Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy) “Longitudinal Prediction of Adaptive Behavior from Sensory Features and Intensity of Services in Children with ASD and Other DD”

Participation at high-visibility research conferences or at well-regarded professional conferences, through presentation of research posters or oral presentations, provides students with opportunities to advance their research and to network with other students and faculty. The award process was competitive, as DAHS students submitted outstanding entries. The applications were scored by a DAHS review committee, led by chair and assistant professor Eniko Rak, from the Division of Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling. The DAHS Research Advisory Committee and associate chair for research, Brian Boyd, oversaw the administration of the award.