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Senior Ryan Monago is a student in the Division of Radiologic Science in the Department of Allied Health Sciences who quickly found that the field of radiologic science aligned with his passion for science.

“Once I looked around and found this program, I felt like this was a good fit for me,” Monago said. “I like the technology aspect of it, and I also like that we still get patient interaction and patient care.

Monago said face-to-face interaction with patients allows him to build a rapport with patients, which, in turn, makes his job easier.

“There’s a lot of variety and a lot of clinical experience,” Monago said. “It’s a lot of hands-on-learning that we don’t really get from a classroom experience or other programs.”

Monago said he finds pride in imaging and that the attention to detail he puts into his work in the lab makes a difference for health care teams to figure out next steps for each patient.

“I feel lucky,” Monago said. “Hands-on health care learning and being in a clinical setting is the best way for me to learn what I need to know. The more I spend time with my teachers and preceptors in the hospital, the more I realize I made the right decision.

The Phyllis Ann Canup Pepper Radiologic Science Memorial Endowed Scholarship provides scholarship support for Monago.

“I was very grateful that someone noticed that there are students who need help,” Monago said. “I think what they are doing for our program and for allied health sciences is fantastic, and it helps me and a lot of my classmates be able to just achieve more than we would have without them.”