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Janelle Bludorn, PA-C and a clinical assistant professor in Physician Assistant Studies, has launched a podcast alongside the PA colleagues, titled “Airwaves and Educators.” The medical education podcast focuses on physician assistant education and features the voices of three co-hosts to provide insight into scenarios a PA educator might encounter.

Bludorn said PA faculty are often trained to be clinicians, but PAs do end up as educators at some point during their career. That sparked an interest in podcasting, which led to the program’s debut episode in January.  The PA program is housed in the Department of Allied Health Sciences at the UNC School of Medicine.

“We aimed to create a podcast that would be helpful for current or aspiring PA educators by sharing perspectives, providing resources, and initiating conversation,” Bludorn said. “A podcast minimizes barriers for audiences. With a podcast, all you need is your phone,” she said.

During each episode, hosts focus on a variety of topics, including the transition from PA to medical educator and how to balance both career paths. Previous episodes have included topics of evidence-based teaching, how to thrive in academia, and challenges and complexities PA educators face when transitioning from clinic to classroom.

Co-host Adrian Banning, an assistant professor and research coordinator at Drexel University’s Physician Assistant program, said the podcast reflects aims of the PA profession.

“The PA profession itself started as an effort to maximize human potential for the betterment of those we serve as clinicians and as teammates. This podcast continues the legacy of the PA profession by creating a virtual community space for PA educators to learn, grow and join in comradery and support of each other,” she said.

Bludorn said she and her co-hosts hope the podcast will generate conversations and insight to let PAs know that they often face universal day-to-day challenges and that a sense of community beyond the clinic can form.

“That sense of community is critical, especially as we train the next generation of PAs,” Bludorn said.

“Airwaves and Educators” additional co-hosts include Kris Maday, an associate professor and program director at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center Physician Assistant Program and Shaun Lynch, an assistant professor and academic coordinator at Elon University’s Physician Assistant program.

The podcast is available on a variety of platforms.