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Jeff Taylor and Tanisha Burke, two alumni of the Neurodiagnostics and Sleep Science program, presented at the North Carolina Academy of Sleep Medicine (NCASM). Taylor presented on the topic of business and sleep; Burke presented on sleep awareness with regard to how sleep deprivation in children can mimic ADHD.

Taylor searched the archives from the Center for Medicare Services to find how reimbursement has changed over the years for sleep-related charges. Burke, who has an interest in pediatric health, explored the likelihood of the pediatric population being misdiagnosed with ADHD overlooking sleep deprivation as an alternative diagnosis. She noticed how symptoms of ADHD, including but not limited to poor listening, lack of attention to details, difficulty sustaining attention, making careless mistakes, being easily distracted, and losing things, are similar in nature of symptoms for sleep deprivation. She gave possible treatments for sleep deprivation in the pediatric population.