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Two students within the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences have received the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s Audiology Research Travel Award (ARTA) for ASHA’s annual convention, to be held in November 2019 in Orlando, Florida. Gretta Richter and Meredith Braza, both Doctor of Audiology students, will represent the division.

Braza, a second-year AuD student, said the travel award will allow her to network with research experts who focus on counseling, family-centered care, and auditory development of high-risk infants. “I’m excited to attend talks by renowned experts from around the country to gain a new perspective on these topics of interest,” Braza said. “It will provide me with irreplaceable networking. […] Support from ARTA will serve as a springboard for a future research career so I may become a leader in the field and better the outcomes of infants with complex needs and their families.”

Richter, a third-year AuD student, said the award will allow her to network with other students and professionals who are interested in research and in opportunities within higher education.

“I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge in the field of audiology by attending sessions and poster presentations, meeting other students who are interested in research, learning more about obtaining a PhD in the field of audiology, and hearing from experts in our field to improve my ability to provide patient care,” Richter said.

The Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences is housed in the Department of Allied Health Sciences. The Doctor of Audiology program is ranked #4 in the country, according to U.S. News & World Report.