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The Department of Health Sciences is pleased to recognize the following observances and celebrations for the month of September:

Rosh Hashanah (Jewish) 

September 15-17, 2023 

Rosh Hashanah is literally the “head of the year”, or Jewish New Year, celebrated with remembrance and judgement and auguring in the 10 days of reflection and atonement leading up to Yom Kippur. Common traditions include large meals and prayer.

Hispanic Heritage Month 

September 15-October 15, 2023 

National Hispanic Heritage Month is annually celebrated in the United States and recognizes the contributions and influence of Hispanic Americans to the history, culture, and achievements of the United States. Learn more about National Hispanic Heritage Month. 

Yom Kippur (Jewish) 

September 24-25, 2023 

Yom Kippur is considered the holiest of days for Jews, dedication to reparation and abstinence. Common traditions include a day of fasting, praying and the lighting of a Yahrzeit memorial candle in memory of loved ones. 

Sukkot/Succot (Jewish) 

September 29-October 6, 2023 

Sukkot/Succot is a week-long festival celebrating and giving thanks for the Fall harvest. Common traditions include decorating the Sukkah, an outdoor “room” with a view of the sky.

UNC-Chapel Hill provides a calendar of Holy Days and Observances as a resource for education and accommodation. The Department of Health Sciences will share monthly observances and recognitions as a part of its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.