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About the Program

The online Medical Laboratory Science track in the Master’s of Clinical Laboratory Science degree (MLS graduate program) has been developed for certified laboratory professionals.

The MLS graduate program prepares technologists to be leaders in the laboratory profession through advanced coursework in molecular diagnostics, research design, laboratory administration and educational methods. This program is designed for laboratory professionals who wish to deepen their scientific knowledge, prepare for teaching roles, or advance in administrative roles.

The MLS graduate program consists of primarily web-based courses, and culminates in a Capstone project. (Students may choose elective courses that are delivered in a different format.) The web-based courses allow students greater flexibility in learning but they are no less demanding than traditional classroom courses. Students interested in the MLS graduate program will be allowed to complete the program on a full time or part time basis, but should be ready to make a commitment to studying at the graduate level. This commitment in time and resources will enable professional growth and development, and contribute to career advancement.

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