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This project examines the perspectives of parents of young children (birth to eight years) with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) related to the facilitators and challenges across three key time points: between first concerns and consulting with a professional, up through the diagnosis, and through entry into early intervention. Eight focus groups (4 English speaking, 2 Spanish speaking, 2 American Indian) were conducted with 55 caregivers. Results will be helpful in addressing needs of families of children with ASD.


Contact Person

Elizabeth Crais PhD

Investigators and Key Personnel

Steven Hooper (PI), Rebecca Pretzel (Co-PI), Elizabeth Crais, Cara McComish, Emily Kertcher, Sherry Mergner, Michelle Villalobos, Deborah Zuver, Laura Klinger, Maureen Morrell, Ann Palmer, Rob Christian, Lauren Turner-Brown, Ann Cox, Pamela DiLavore, Julie Daniels, & Kathleen Thomas

Primary Funding Source

Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)