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IHQI Speaker Series: Using Good Catches to Improve Quality and Safety

Stephenie Fenton-Wilhelm and Dr. Bhisham Chera
Tuesday, Feb. 11
12 noon – 1 pm, Lunch provided
Bondurant G-100

A good catch is an intercepted potential patient safety event. Studies suggest that good catches occur as much as 7 to 100 times more frequently than serious adverse events and can reveal opportunities to improve quality and safety.

UNC Medical Center streamlined incident reporting in 2019 as part of the roll-out of SAFE (Safety Awareness for Everyone). With improved incident reporting in place, units and clinics are well-positioned to develop local processes for learning from good catches to improve quality and safety. Stephenie Fenton-Wilhelm will explain the process and how it can help you move to a culture of learning, improvement and safety. She will highlight several early adopters of SAFE.

UNC Radiation Oncology’s mature continuous quality and safety program incorporates good catches and uses Lean to improve quality and patient safety. Dr. Bhisham Chera will describe UNC Radiation Oncology’s model and experience, which will provide inspiration to enhance your local quality and safety efforts as you implement SAFE.


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