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IHQI is delighted to share the following announcement from Dr. Wesley Burks:

I’m pleased to share that Dr. Tony Lindsey has been named Chair of the QIOC, effective May 21, 2020. Trained as a psychiatrist, Dr. Lindsey has served in many leadership capacities since joining UNC as faculty in 1989, including Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs and Director of Medical Student Education in the UNC Department of Psychiatry, Chief Medical Officer for UNC Hospitals, and most recently as System Chief Medical Officer for UNC Health.

We are confident that under Dr. Lindsey’s leadership, the QIOC will continue to advance its mission to create a system wide quality improvement strategy; develop shared system quality goals; and align clinical guidelines needed to drive improvement in quality standards. Dr. Lindsey has asked Dr. Robb Malone, Chief Operating Officer for the UNC Health Alliance, to serve as the Vice Chair of the Committee.

I would like to thank Dr. Matt Ewend who, as you know, led the QIOC for the last 3 years. Under Dr. Ewend’s leadership and with your hard work, the QIOC has launched several initiatives such as Clean In/Clean Out and Care Redesign; established a cohesive approach to quality goal selection; and improved our quality scores as reported by various groups such as Leap Frog.

Please join me in thanking both Drs. Ewend and Lindsey for their commitment to quality and the patients we serve.