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Age-Friendly Care at UNC Hospitals Hillsborough Campus

Patient Services Manager Kittra Felton at UNC Hospitals Hillsborough Campus
Inpatient Geriatrics Services Manager Kittra Felton  | UNC Hospitals Hillsborough Campus

UNC School of Medicine’s Division of Geriatric Medicine provides a dedicated service for hospitalized older adults at UNC Hospitals Hillsborough Campus. The hospital is led by Dr. Jeffrey Strickler, DHA, RN, Vice President for UNC Hospitals Hillsborough Campus. Dr. Strickler is a consistent champion for age-friendly care.

You can see hospital location and map here. Learn more about Inpatient Geriatrics’ history at Hillsborough. Visit this page for details and updates to the UNC Medical Center and Hospitals’ visiting policies during Covid-19.

If you need hospitalization in the future, ask your physician about Hillsborough as an option for age-friendly care. Without a doubt, the care is exceptional and the facility is beautiful. On top of that, the parking is free.

ACEP Geriatrics Emergency Department Accreditation

In 2018 Hillsborough’s Emergency Department received the prestigious Silver Standard of accreditation award for Geriatric Emergency Department excellence. UNC Hospitals Hillsborough Campus is the first in North Carolina to receive Geriatric Emergency Department Accreditation (GEDA). Earning a Level 2 Silver accreditation from the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) certifies that staff are trained to assess older patients in more conscientious and comprehensive ways.

We invite you to tour the hospital and our Inpatient Service through the images below. (Click to make the images larger)

Christina Shenvi, MD, PhD
Christina L. Shenvi, MD, PhD, FACEP

At Hillsborough’s emergency department, age-friendly care policies and processes, along with special equipment and rooms, aim to improve emergency care for older adults.

Christina Shenvi, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, led UNC’s accreditation efforts, along with Jeff Strickler, DHA, RN, Vice President of UNC Hospitals Hillsborough Campus and a team of nurses, pharmacists, case managers, and more.

Over 60 percent of national hospital admissions for patients over 65 coming through the emergency department. In light of this, accreditation can help hospitals focus on factors leading to fewer hospitalizations and more successful outcomes after discharge.

ACEP launched the accreditation program in 2018 to improve and standardize emergency care for older patients. Biese was appointed as the accreditation program chair and works with hospitals nationally to promote and achieve GEDA accreditation.