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Welcome to the UNC Division of Hematology! Our impressive pool of talented researchers and clinicians are renowned for bridging the bench to the bedside, developing new therapies, bringing clinical research into novel diagnostic and therapeutic patient care offerings, and providing high-quality training to the next generation of leaders in medicine.  

We offer patients access to novel, cutting-edge research treatment that is often not available outside of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Thank you for your interest in UNC Hematology! Our division houses investigators who are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of a broad spectrum of blood disorders. Our faculty participate in specialized patient care and research programs in the areas of hematologic malignancies, thrombosis, bleeding disorders, sickle cell anemia, and bone marrow transplantation and cellular therapy. We are the home of a groundbreaking adoptive cellular therapy program that has pioneered the use of CAR-T cells for the treatment of individuals with hematologic malignancies and solid tumors.

Our Core Pillars

The Division of Hematology is within the Department of Medicine, the largest department in the nation’s first public university. We are committed to diversity and inclusion and take great pride in developing and outstanding physician leaders. Championing transformative research that advances medical practice, we strive to provide expert, compassionate care to all North Carolinians.

Patient Care Research Training

Advancing the health of the people of North Carolina.



Publications annually


In hemostasis worldwide


In bone marrow transplant in the USA

Diversity & Inclusion

The Department of Medicine and The Division of Hematology promote a culture of diversity and inclusion. We are jointly responsible for ensuring that everyone feels valued and that they belong. We also believe that truly diverse teams can do seemingly impossible things, guided by values of integrity, respect, trust, and compassion for each other.

Diversity & Inclusion

Support Our Mission

Make a donation in support of research to diagnose, treat, and prevent blood disease. Even a small amount will make a huge difference. With your help, we can continue our work to improve patient care and outcomes. Consider making a gift today on behalf of a disease afflicting a friend, a loved one, or yourself.

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We are humbled by your generosity and honored by your support.